AUN Academy Students Learn Why Writing is at Core of AUN Curriculum

Writing Center coordinator, Ms. Emilienne Akpan, addressing the Academy pupils during the visit during the visit

The Interim Director of the Center, Mrs. Emilienne Akpan, while receiving them, also explained how and why writing is ingrained in the American higher education system after which AUN is modeled.

She shared with them how student-tutors diligently assist and encourage other students to become better writers, and also mentioned that creative writing was equally welcome for peer reviews.

Mrs. Akpan thereafter led them to the 24HR Room where she asked them to own the learning experiences they were about to engage in.

Ms. Maryam Isa, a writing instructor and staff member of the Center, worked with the visiting students through a grammar session where they learned how to use punctuation correctly to avoid two major mistakes that writers often make: sentence fragments and run-on sentences. This was a prelude to a second presentation on different types of writings. Descriptive writing was also used to illustrate the writing processes.

Through learning the three stages of writing a descriptive essay, the students were also taught how writers make their work vivid when they use words that "show" instead of "tell". Before the practical writing session, Ms. Isa emphasized that paying attention to details of whatever they are describing should enable them use distinctive words which appeal to the five senses – sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch - and make their work memorable and outstanding.

The Vice Principal of the Academy, Mr. Praise Abdulkarim, noted that the students were very interactive during the workshop, an indication, he said, that, “they were actually following the lessons."

Having observed that the workshop increased their critical thinking ability, Mr. Abdulkarim believes that early exposure to the University environment will build them up faster and prepare them for effective written and oral communication they will need in the real world.

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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