AUN Student Empowers Physically Challenged Woman

What a memorable day for Hajiya Amina Inuwa, a physically challenged woman, as she gazed at a heap of firewood and charcoal in her front yard.


“I have been sitting here for hours looking at this firewood and charcoal. I cannot believe I will be able to start up my own business,” Hajiya Inuwa told us.

Thanks go to Sekina Baba, a 400-level student of Information Systems at AUN, for coming to the aid of the helpless woman who, Ms. Baba said, inspired her.

“I once visited the training center with the community service team, and I saw Hajiya Inuwa crawling to the staircase. When I spoke to her, she said she also wanted to learn a skill with which she can fend for herself.

Ms. Inuwa, who suffers from severe rheumatism and a skin condition, said friends and family abandoned her.

Her condition made it difficult for her to keep a paid employment: She gets one and later is fired. “I was once a nanny at a school, but due to my condition, everyone thinks I have a contagious disease.”

She also hardly walks due to rheumatism that has affected her left leg. “A journey of five minutes usually takes me 40 minutes; sometimes I have to sit somewhere to rest, especially when I’m going to the Skills Acquisition Center.”

She spends at least two hours getting to the training center, which is far from where she lives. “I have to trek there every day because I don’t have transport money. And no one will help me out.”

Sekina said the woman’s desire to be self-sustaining triggered her compassion to help her out. “I thought of her having a business she can run at her comfort zone, a business she can sit in one place and do, a business that people around will need and use every day.”

With N25,000 from Sekina, Haj. Amina is now a proud owner of firewood and charcoal business and with that “I can now earn income for myself and treat myself.”

She also prays for God’s blessings upon the life of her benefactor.

Reported by Nubwa Ibrahim