AUN Students Donate Instructional Materials to Feed and Read Pupils

On Monday, November 27, students of Community Development (CDV 201) contributed instructional items to Feed and Read pupils.

The gesture took place at the Faculty of Law Building under the supervision of the instructor, Dr. Grace Malgwi, and Assistant Vice President for Community Engagement, Mr. Reginald Braggs.

The course Literacy and Numeracy (CDV 201), combines both academic learning and community service. It is one of the courses that support AUN’s community development programs such as the Feed and Read program and Technology Enhanced Learning for All (TELA), thereby helping the students to confront some of the challenges in Nigeria’s primary education system.

The main highlight of the event was the presentation of instructional materials which was done by each student. These items include Building Bricks for kids and Alphabet Learning Aid as well as other vital teaching materials.

Before the presentation of the items, Dr. Malgwi highlighted the motive behind the students’ initiative, thereby expressing satisfaction with the students' commitment to the project.

“We have been engaging in quite a lot of community development activities, but this time, we decided to do something different. We used to write books for them in the past, but we decided that donating materials too would make a great impact. My students tutored the girls for eight weeks, and I must say they have worked hard to reach this stage. The girls have shown absolute commitment, and I can tell you they were not the same girls eight weeks ago. The improvement is significantly tremendous.”

In his remarks, Mr. Braggs commended the students for changing the lives of the less-privileged in the community. He further acknowledged the students' efforts in emulating AUN's community development strides.

"What you people have done today is part of what AUN is all about - community development. It is good to talk about the problems bothering the community, but it is more proactive to help in solving them."

Mr. Braggs further praised the efforts of Dr. Malgwi in guiding the students towards an impressive community development project. He also showed admiration towards Dr. Malgwi's passion and commitment to the Feed and Read program.

Mrs. Elizabeth Raymond, who received the items on behalf of Feed and Read, expressed gratitude to the students for such an auspicious gesture.

"Our girls are extremely grateful that you have taken them to a certain level in the learning process. The significant impact has shown in their performances. Therefore, on behalf of all the authorities in the Feed and Read program, we appreciated all your efforts."

Ms. Raymond also prayed that AUN students would contribute more of these gestures in the future.


Reported by Bashir Ibrahim Bashir