Undefeated Veterans open Basketball League with Big Win

On February 8, the Spring basketball season kicked off with the Veterans leading the staff team to victory with a score of 43-16 against the students’ side, the Raptors.

Last season, the Veterans, consisting of faculty and staff members, won the league, and they show no signs of relenting in the current season.

Resident Director Victor Igberaese took home the title of Most Valued Player as the highest scorer with 13 points.

Although the Raptors lost to the Veterans, going home with a score of 16 points, new student Kene Ejike had the only block in the game, while Sesugh Ternanember had the most rebounds.

After the game, everyone cheered for his or her team.  Owning his bragging rights as the champion of the evening, Director of Residence Life, Mr. Abdullahi Bello, who played in the defense, said he was proud of his team who had only trained twice before the start of the season.  “You know when it is in you, it just doesn’t go away.”

Ejike of the Raptors believed the student team would have won if it had a definite point guard. “Generally it was a healthy competition and an avenue to dream of playing at a professional league.”

Captain Igberaese of the Veterans said the games have fostered a mutual friendship among faculty and staff members and students, which is the essence of sports at AUN.

By Nelly Ating

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