Dean Bullock on Aphorism of Learning

On January 20 at the spring orientation welcome, VP Byron Bullock, ‘baptized’ incoming students with a series of expectations to guide them through university life.

The Dean of Students’ oration was very moving, perhaps more than ever.  His favorite aphorism hit home: “Every day has a beginning, and every day has an end.  And what happens in between is learning.”

Dean Bullock charged the new students to seize every opportunity that is in-between the beginning and the end to learn something new every day on the AUN campus.

But such learning can be difficult, whether it is in managing their time wisely, preparing for classes, or studying for exams.  “I am looking forward to working with you to support you along this journey.”

The Dean assured parents that AUN is committed to their wards’ holistic development.  “We take their growth and development very seriously here at AUN…They are going to become young men and women, not the children that you dropped off…. I expect that you will continue to support and encourage these young people as they embark on this journey.”

Some of the Dean’s expectations were about abiding by the code of student conduct and others about their choice of friends.  “I expect that you will share with your parents your successes and your failures; this is a partnership.  They have a right to know what is happening with you academically while you are here.  I expect that you are going to go to class every day, on time, prepared and anxious to learn something new and something different.  I expect that you will get to know your professors, and help them know you and your capabilities.

“I expect that you will make some friends that will be lasting friends for life.  Find friends who are different from you but who are trying to achieve the same thing you are trying to achieve.  Choose your friends wisely.

“I expect that you will read and abide by the code of student conduct, and conduct yourselves in a positive manner at all times.  College can present many challenges and distractions.  You need to make good decisions and good choices.  You need to be in total control of you at all times.

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa