Change of Scholarships Exams Center for the South-South Region

The 2016/2017 American University of Nigeria Scholarships Examination for the South -South Region of Nigeria will be held in Warri, Delta State, and not Port Harcourt , Rivers State.

The examination will be held at the Favour Hall, Mom Civic Center, 107 C & D Airport Road, Opposite Drange Fast Food, Warri, Delta State. The examination will start at 11.00 am.

This change is as a result of the legislative elections scheduled to take place in Rivers State on the same day, with a very high probability of a movement restriction throughout the state that day.

All other arrangements for the examinations remain the same.

We regret any inconveniences caused by this change.


Linus Ikyurav

Assistant Vice President

Marketing and Recruitment

American University of Nigeria

Abuja Liaison Office, Yar Adua Centre

No. 1, Memorial Drive

Abuja, Nigeria.