AUN Library and Its Importance to the University Community

The AUN library plays a major role in the academic life of members of the university community.

The complex houses more than 25,000 conventional books available for students’ use. AUN is an institution that has the orientation of raising only the best and the brightest. AUN’s belief is one of breeding intelligent and industrious students through research-intensive studies. Most of the classes in AUN entail intense research. These activities such as writing across the curriculum, otherwise known as WAC, demand an active use of the library and its resources. Therefore, the library is part of the core of education in AUN.

Other than housing physical books, the library has provided access to students into various databases. These databases make up 99.9 percent of the library’s total resources. These databases include, but are not limited to, Statistica, EbscoHost, Ebrary, JSTOR, Project Muse, MarketLine, HeinOnline, and Westlaw Uk. Ebrary alone provides over 84,000 e-books to be used by students and faculty and staff members. The EbscoHost databases house 118,000 eBooks, 7,300 peer-reviewed journals, 8,500 full-text periodicals, and so much more. These databases are available for research and study purposes.

Besides the massive academic resources available, the library also provides study spaces for students, classrooms, and other available uses. The library has 19 study rooms, 18 classrooms, a lecture hall (auditorium) with a seating capacity of 250. The library also has a 24-hour prep section that is available for students use. The total seating capacity of the AUN library is a little more than 1,000. The library also houses certain offices such as the Atiku Center, academic advising, and retention, tutoring offices such as the Honor Society tutor center and the math tutor center.

The library does make learning easier, with power supply and wireless connectivity available round the clock. Also, classrooms in the library are state-of-the-art. They are relatively well conditioned; each of the classrooms has its projector. This effectively makes learning stress-free for students and teaching more productive for instructors.

The library staff members also provide information literacy tutorials for the university community. Every new student has to attend classes on the proper use of the library resources. Besides these mandatory classes, the library also conducts voluntary lectures on how to get the most out of the library. The library and its entirety engage in these activities as it believes that information literacy is more than just mastering basic library skills but more about developing information and technology competencies that foster lifelong learning.

Since the library’s establishment in 2005, it has been efficiently fulfilling its mission, which is to support and advance the research and instructional needs of the AUN community by facilitating access to scholarly information resources. This mission is carried out so well that the library has received several awards. These awards include best University Digital Library Services Award from Committee of University Librarians of Nigerian Universities (CULNU) in 2012; the ALA (American Library Association) Presidential Citations for Innovative International Library Projects in 2013, and others. Therefore, the AUN library has supported the academic research needs of the AUN community efficiently.

Written by Tochukwu Nnamdi Ukpai

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