Prof. Olowu on Writing, Publishing Peer-reviewed Articles

At a capacity-building and mentoring seminar of the School of Law held on February 2, Dean Oladejo Olowu, spoke on “The art of writing and publishing peer-reviewed articles.”


He said rejection to publish a paper in a journal, or any other outlet, is the most dreadful decision a scholar can face. All journals have their in-house styles. To ensure that a paper is published, Prof. Olowu stressed on the need for strict compliance to the requirements of that target outlet.

“Every manuscript you prepare must be prepared for a targeted outlet… Requirements must be met, regarding how, the manner, the content, the style, the organization. You will be wasting your time and energies writing when you have not identified where you desire your manuscript to be published.”

Dr. Olowu maintained that the fear of being sent feedback of rejection is the prime reason why a scholar should take care of the fundamentals of the art and science of writing and publishing.

The Professor went on to say that for every paper designed to become a peer-reviewed journal article, the writer needs to ask him/herself some questions that cross-examined the topic, context, the issue, and the researcher’s contribution.

He also hinted at what makes a scholar. He said it is about capturing an idea and relating the outcomes of a research effort to the needs of society.

“What it means for the society and the outcomes. That is what makes a scholar to be a scholar. They draw the implications of their big ideas for society to adopt in realizing the path to take into the future.”

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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