AUN is Bridge Between Nigeria’s Present and Future, says Visiting US Ambassador Stuart Symington

The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, HE W. Stuart Symington, visited the AUN campus on October 31.

At an interaction session with the members of the university community, the ambassador noted that Nigeria’s greatest resource was its people.

“There are a lot of people who think Nigeria’s greatest resource is oil. The reason Nigeria matters is you.”

Ambassador Symington maintained that Nigerians are already doing great things. “The good part is that you are, every day, in this country, coming up with good things every day and all around Nigeria and all around the world. You are coming up with solutions that have never been put into action before.

“And I will ask you one thing: Do it better than anyone has done it before. Do it differently than anyone has done it before. And above all, do it together.”

The Ambassador recognized AUN as educating the future leaders of Nigeria. “This school is a bridge. Not just between the culture of two countries and two peoples, or the teaching methods, or the learning of two countries and two peoples. But this school is a bridge between Nigeria today and Nigeria in 2050, 2075, and in 2100.

 “And you are the pieces, the essential fibers of that bridge. The hope of the future of your country is suspended in the air between this place where we are and this place where we are going.”

He also recognized that besides the opportunity gap, credibility and trust gaps in countries, often there is citizenship gap.  He therefore urged every Nigerian to live with the golden rule of citizenship. “That is what every American and every Nigerian and every person from every country ought to be doing every morning. Not how I can make it through the exams, but how I can make the school better.”


By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa  

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