AUN Flags Off Fall 2017 P2P Campaign: ‘I Stand For Nigeria’

The CMD 224 (Online and Digital Reporting) class is representing Nigeria in the Fall 2017 Peer To Peer Facebook Global Digital Challenge.


The “I Stand For Nigeria” campaign is AUN’s entry in the competition among universities. Its #IAmABeliever campaign won first place in the all-Africa regional finals last year and second world-wide.

The official launch of Fall 2017 P2P Campaign, I STAND FOR NIGERIA took place on November 1. The campaign emphasizes that Nigerians come first before any other affiliations for the Nigerian citizenry, whether religion, ethnicity, or politics.

Campaign Coordinator and Visiting Journalism Instructor, Ibanga Isine, said the campaign draws attention to anti-social behaviors and gets people to imbibe the values of respect for one another.

“The campaign essentially aims to counter hate and radical conversations on the social media and mobilize Nigerians to love and cherish their country and work for its development…. We want to discourage Nigerians, especially young people, from putting on comments that attack people’s religion, that attack ethnicity, race, disability and anything associated with human beings.”

Explaining why everyone needs to support Nigeria, he said Nigerians have a lot of potential. “We can become the best in the world if we want and are united.”

Mr. Isine maintained that there must be a conscious effort to unify the country for Nigeria to survive. “We must believe in ourselves. We must work and take action to unify the country to push those kinds of narratives that will bring our people together and make them work for the success of the country.”

Vice President Byron Bullock, and Interim Dean, School of Arts & Sciences, Dr. Patrick Fay, both weighed in. Dean Bullock flagged off the campaign.

“I think it is a very important campaign that we all gather people and support for Nigeria,” said Dean Bullock, who was acting in the place of President Dekle. “I am an American and I support Nigeria 110 percent… We should all ensure that Nigeria has the kind of encouragement to be the country that it has the ability to be.”

Dean Fay expressed optimism in the country’s unity. He said it is important to stand for Nigeria because after 50 years of Independence, Nigeria still stands as a country irrespective of the large number of ethnic groups. He observed that very few Nigerians see themselves as Nigerians first. He said the campaign is a way to improving the identification of citizens with the name Nigeria.

After the launch, students mounted banners at the entrances to the AUN Cafeteria and the School of Law to continue to sensitize their colleagues against using hate and radical comments on social media.

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