15 Scholarships Awarded in Yola Secondary School By AUN Students

On October 20, three AUN students awarded full scholarships to 15 students of Government Girls Secondary Schools, Yola.


The scholarships were in two categories: Merit (8) and Need (7).

The scholarship for each student covers one term. However, the benefactors are hoping to renew it when the students maintain their status.

The entire students in the junior arm of the school were full of admiration for the AUN students when they stood to address them at their assembly ground.

Christine Vihishima, Aisha Muktar, and Hafsat Adhama said they were motivated by the October 13, 2016 gesture of Murna Mamman who offered eight scholarships to students of the same school.  While Ms. Mamman has graduated, these cheerful givers want to continue the tradition of supporting academic excellence in the school.

Ms. Muktar had donated a wheelchair to a disabled man in Wuro Hausa community a few weeks ago.  However, that did not hinder her from joining in the scholarship project.  The final-year NES major gave the 10 scholarships.

“I have since realized that education is the key to success and I know too that students can be motivated when they get the support they need to be successful.”

Ms. Vihishima, a Law student who gave the five need-based scholarships - to orphans - noted that her concern draws from sharing a similar life’s unfortunate circumstance.

“They too deserve support and it is my way of letting them know that they deserve an education and that there are many opportunities in the world for them to be great women.”

Besides the scholarship that covers their fees for the term, Ms. Vihishima also gave writing materials to the five recipients, while Ms. Adhama supported the scholarship project by donating a dozen notebooks, mathematical set, and other writing materials to each of the other ten scholarship recipients.

Assistant Director of Community Service, Ahmed Aliyu, who led the students to the school, said the girls were awarded the scholarships to encourage them to work harder in their academic pursuit.  He added that it is an attempt to stimulate their competitive spirit.

The members of staff of the school were very happy for the gesture of the AUN students.

Ms. Aishatu Mahmood Garba, VP Admin, said they are usually very happy each time students of AUN come to their school.  “Today, we mobilized all our teachers to observe this event.”

Nancy Midala, VP Special Duties, said the last scholarship awarded by Ms. Mamman has truly motivated other students to strive for excellence.  She remarked that there are new sets of students who have outperformed previous ones.

Aishatu Ahmed, VP Academics, was full of prayers for the benefactors.  The entire students were so grateful for the gesture.  Their excitement could not be contained as they rolled out their bands and started singing to bid farewell to their newfound role models.

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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