Alum Anyanwu to ELA: Don’t Settle for Average, Strive to be Better Than Yourself

AUN alum and motivational speaker Okechukwu Anyanwu has urged young people to bring what he called the A+ game to play.

He also advised students never to settle for average.

Mr. Okechukwu, who was at the Emerging Leaders Academy Stream III session on October 3 at AUN Club, advised them to strive to be better in whatever they do.  

“As a leader, I am trying to help you understand that half measures would not do; that when you find your life’s vision, and you find something that you believe would make the community where you live a better place, I’m asking that you give it everything that you’ve got.”

He said leaders should strive to be better at what they do and the question that should be on their mind is ‘how might we?’  The speaker said it is about reinventing oneself.

The Lead Pastor of Blueprint Church who graduated from AUN in 2011 inspired the students with a new concept of being “remarkable” where he charged them to go beyond their comfort zones.

“…You are going to do things that have not been done before … Remarkable suggests that you think out of the box, that you do better than your known self, that you question things, that you try to imagine the unimaginable…  You are not trying to impress yourself; you are doing something so well that somebody else can look at what you’ve done and say this is amazing, this is awesome.”

Curiosity, courage, and engagement stood out as the advice he gave to the leaders.  He said leaders are curious people.  “If you are going to be remarkable in whatever you do, you have to be committed to learning.  And learning comes from being curious… You are going to ask tough questions.”

Courage too is important in leadership for someone who wants to be remarkable.

“Sometimes, you know the truth but you can’t say it because you are in the minority.  Sometimes you know the truth but you do not want to say it because you do not want to be laughed at…  If you are going to be remarkable, it is going to require a lot of courage.”

He opined that the reasons why there are many problems persist in Africa is because the leaders lack the courage to tackle the problems.  

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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