Provost Receives Founder of Islamic Online University

Founder of Islamic Online University (IOU), Dr. Bilal Phillips, the guest speaker at an October 4 lecture of the AUN Muslim Students Society (MSS), paid a courtesy visit to Provost Muhammadou Kah.

Dr. Phillips, who was a professor in AU Dubai for 10 years, said he wanted to explore collaboration with AUN.

“As a chancellor of a university, I was also coming to look at how the university could collaborate and cooperate with the American University of Nigeria here in their various educational projects to benefit the community.”

He said coming to see the Provost happened without planning. Dr. Phillips said he had known Professor Kah since 2013 when he was the VC of the University of the Gambia.

“When I first went to the Gambia, he was one of the first people I met with and we discussed at length. We were working together in the university. My university has students examined in the University of the Gambia.”

The Global Headquarters of IOU is in the Gambia. Dr. Phillips said this was the first country in Africa where he tried to set up a base for the IOU. The university, which is on cyberspace, has over 4,000 students from across the world receiving courses online.

“It was a big surprise for him to meet me, and me to meet him, because he only just came a few weeks ago, and here I am, me coming to meet him. It was a very pleasant surprise for him and for me too. I couldn’t believe it when they told me the Provost is a Gambian, by name Muhammadou Kah.”

Dr. Phillips is originally from Jamaica, grew up in Canada where he converted to Islam. He had his PhD from the University of Wales in the UK, and he has been a university professor most of his life, headed departments, set up schools, and he considers the IOU as his major recent accomplishment.

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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