Parents Learn What Makes AUN Academy American Track Unique

At the Back-to-School event that was held on September 27, Administrator of the AUN Academy (American Track), Ms. Rose Clarkson, hinted on what makes the school tick.


The event was an opportunity for parents to interact with the teachers of the school and learn what they can expect during the new school year.

Established since 2008, the school is based on the American Common Core Curriculum, which supplements and supports the National Curriculum with American standard texts, educational resources, and style of teaching/learning.

Also known as Charter School, the American Track offers personalized learning such that each student can move according to the individual's pace “… and teachers pay attention to the specific learning needs of every child.”

The environment is conducive for learning and class size is small.  “This encourages a one-on-one interaction with the teachers,” said Ms. Clarkson.  “There are also fun and extracurricular activities that balance what they do in the classroom.”

She listed activities such as swimming, dance, drama, poetry, spelling bee, community service, social studies fair, science fair, and the “amusing race” as well as educational games like scrabble, monopoly, and chess.  “They are not just for fun, but it also helps in the development of their brains.”

The administrator also mentioned two field trip opportunities they make every year, one local and one international.  She said these trips enable them to have different perspectives around the world and in their environment.

The parents were told about of the five common core subjects as well as a wide range of electives available to the students.  This offering prepares students for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT II and I) and affords them the ability to sit for other international examinations as well as the national examinations like NECO and WAEC.

Mentor and science teacher, Tukki Onghasom, said the school uses a pragmatic approach that ensures the students learn various computer packages and are proficient in using them even before they leave the school.  This makes learning easy for the students when they move on to the tertiary level of education.

“We use them constantly in different ways.  For example, we have sites that we visit.  The students take standardized tests from time to time in different subjects to ensure that they maintain international standards.”

Mr. Tukki further said that learning in the school is student-centered.  “The mode of delivery is more of an interactive class setting… where the student is encouraged to share in the process of learning.”  He added that the mode of learning also encourages students to learn from one another.

“We found out that some of our students are more exposed in some areas than others.  So when they have these interactive classes, the students gain knowledge from one another as well as from the teacher.”

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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