Parents Learn How AUN Early Learning Center Raises Fast Learners

The AUN Early Learning Center recently held an open house where parents interacted with teachers.

It was a Back-to-School event that was organized on September 21.

Since its launch in April 2014, the Center has continued to maintain its original vision.  It operates three curricula: creative curriculum (for infants and toddlers under two years), the Nigerian curriculum, and the American curriculum (for the playgroups of two to three years).

“We use the Nigerian curriculum in our math, some of our social studies, and our sciences,” said Ms. Blessing Bello, Director of the Center.  “The American curriculum comes into play for our phonics.  That is where our [children] start learning how to read early.  Reading to them with this is a must.”

Ms. Bello addressed the parents before they began a tour of the classrooms.  She listed the goals of the Center, which include broadening the children’s knowledge about the world, developing their vocabulary, promoting curiosity, and building their self-esteem.

How does the Center broaden the children’s knowledge about the world?  “We achieve that through reading to them, telling them stories, and talking to them about what we actually teach in the classroom.”

For parents who wondered how the center develops the vocabulary for the playgroup children who are at age two to three, Ms. Bello had an answer.  She illustrated how it is achieved by the use of "Word Wall."

“When we teach them these words, we do so with pictures.  These pictures help them to relate when they see a word and a picture, it shows them and tells them so much.”

Everyone knows that children are naturally curious.  “They want to find out: they keep asking you why?  How?  When?  All those things are ways that their curiosity level grows.”

Ms. Bello explained how the school promotes curiosity among the children.  “Our task as teachers is to help them answer those questions, those things that make them really curious about the world.  We are here to give them the needed support to learn those things.”

The event helped the parents to understand how they can help make the transition of their children between home and school more effective.  They also got information on the planned school activities for the year, and what is expected of them.  The activities include Costume Day, Halloween Day, Career Day, Funfair and Arts & Crafts Day.

One of the playgroup teachers, Ms. Blessing Alabi, explained to the parents how they could support their children at home in doing their assignments.

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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