Two Win Tablets for Committing to Lifelong Learning

Two staff members who have committed time and effort to watch educational videos have been rewarded with a tablet computer each. 

John Abah of the School of Law and Mohammed Bello of Facilities Management Department are the two candidates who met the assessment criteria.

On September 20, President Dawn Dekle presented the prizes to the winners.  “As you all know, I believe in lifelong learning.  I think this is a wonderful platform that Dr. Fidelis [Ndeh-Che] has put together.”

The tablets are for members of staff enrolled in the Community Development Information and Communications Technology (CDV ICT) program who are able to attain mastery and accumulate 10,000 points on the IQ system by learning online.  The learning materials contain about 2,000 short video lessons and exercises in various subjects including Math, Biology, Health & Medicine, Computer Science, and Internet 101. The CDV ICT program is one of AUN’s Community Development Projects aimed at teaching basic computer literacy to members of the University’s host community.

Sixty-six beneficiaries of the CDV ICT program registered for the tablet award competition in May 2016 and 13 of the candidates qualified to take the December 2016 exams.  They all created online accounts on the AUN hosted IQ system and started learning for a period of three months.

Executive Manager of Projects & Proposals and Coordinator of the CDV ICT Program, Dr. Ndeh-Che, elaborated on how the winners emerged.  “We agreed they can spend time when they are not officially engaged to further develop themselves…and we set up an assessment mechanism to determine how many videos they watched, how much assessment they covered.”

Dr. Ndeh-Che advised all AUN staff members to utilize the opportunity to develop themselves personally.  “You’re in a university.  It is not by accident.  When you find yourself in a place of learning, it is trying to tell you something: that you should continue learning…  And once you develop mastery, it can develop into opportunities in many other areas.”

He thanked the faculty members and senior management staff who contributed to the tablet acquisition.  Eight were purchased and six remain to be won.  “The tablets are just a means of encouragement but the knowledge gained and the expertise is really what is more valuable.”

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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