Dean Olowu: AUN Law is Complete Package

At an orientation session with new students, Dean Oladejo Olowu described the AUN Law program, now in its second year, as “a complete package,” adding that students will have a multiplicity of course choices in other fields.

The session, held on August 19 at the SOL multi-purpose auditorium, saw the Dean responding to a student's inquiry about having a minor in addition to the Law degree as a major.

Professor Olowu explained that although the credit load requirement for a student is weighty, it gives room to exploit their passions.  Two hundred credit hours are required for graduation from the program, and a student’s completion of this will typically span a five-year period. Other AUN programs have an average of 120-credit load requirement, and normally require four years.

The dean said students would be required to take courses in the three other AUN schools: SBE, SAS, and SITC.

“That is not to say that you are not going to take something out of here over and above your LLB degree.  Every Dean will be involved in what you will study.  Every year you will have a menu of electives.  Before you get to Year 5, you will have taken so many courses beyond the law.  ...When you leave this place, you will be the total graduate.”

The Dean explained what makes the LLB curriculum at AUN unique:  “Ours is the only one that is run by an American-styled institution in Nigeria.  There is no other law program in this country that runs on the template of the US system.”  He added that the program is student-centered.  “You would find small classes…Your interest is paramount; that will make you succeed.  That is what the philosophy of the American-styled program is about.”

The Dean said that the course offerings they will start seeing from their second year are other areas that make the program unique.  Courses such as “Law, Society and Development,” and innovative integrative courses that have been devised such as “Gender and the Law,” “Bioethics,” “Biotechnologies and the Law,” “CyberLaw,” “HIV/AIDS and the Law,” and much more, make the program unique.  “In packaging our program, you will see courses that do not appear anywhere else in this country.”

A journal emanating from the School will also make the program different, he said.
“You are also going to discover something outstanding.  We are going to help you to generate thoughts for the global market through what is called the AUN Journal of Law, Ethics, and Development…  They [Professors] will build the confidence in you…  In addition, some of you who never knew you could be excellent writers, your work will begin to be cited around the globe.  You will publish it in Yola; they will be citing it in Australia.”

The Dean also encouraged the students to be focused and dedicated to their studies to achieve a good result.  He said the University normally profiles high achieving students every semester in one of two categories - Dean’s List or President’s List.

Answering a student’s question on the dress code, Prof. Olowu urged the students not to see the code in terms of restraint or deprivation.  “Rather, I want you to see it in terms of professional preparedness – ready to roll…  Look at it as something that dignifies you.  You have to dignify yourself before others will dignify you.”

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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