President Dekle Pays Homage to Lamido Adamawa

On August 24, President Dekle paid a courtesy visit to the Lamido Adamawa, Dr. Muhammadu Barkindo Aliyu Musdafa.

Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs Abba Tahir, Director of Environment Ibrahim Song, and Senior Director Yusuf Mohammed accompanied Dr. Dekle on the visit.

Mr. Tahir said the visit was to formally introduce President Dekle to the Lamido.  “Since she is new in Yola, by our tradition and protocol, she needs to come.  Also, as a leader of one of the major institutions in the community, she needs to come and pay homage to your majesty....”

While introducing the president, Abba described Dr. Dekle as a globally distinguished scholar and administrator.

President Dekle said that she was deeply honored by the royal reception at the palace at this time of her transition to Yola.  “I’m happy to present myself as the fourth substantive President of the American University of Nigeria.  I wish to appreciate your fatherly role in this community which is giving AUN the enabling environment to operate.”

President Dekle recognized the support the University has received since the era of the Lamido’s father, support that  and has been continued today by His Majesty.

“Indeed, there is nothing we can achieve as an institution without your support as the custodian of your land and its very hospitable people.  During my tenure as president, AUN will continue to engage and involve the Adamawa community in all our activities, programs, and projects.”

Dr. Dekle congratulated the Lamido on the historic commissioning of the Tabital Pulaaku radio station, the first radio station to be founded and funded by Tabital Pulaaku International.  She said AUN would support the station in various ways, including sending students for internship.  “AUN is also excited about your exemplary leadership at Tabital Pulaaku International; the global social cultural organization for all Fulani descendants in the world.”

The Lamido Adamawa thanked the AUN Board of Trustees for choosing Dr. Dekle as AUN president.  He prayed for Dekle’s divine guidance and success to help the University’s host community to reap the benefits of AUN.  “We have heard your good record in different parts of this world.  We consider ourselves lucky…  I hope you will continue this good record of accomplishment in Yola….  I hope your presidency will be for life.”

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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