Dean Bullock Shares AUN Expectations with New Students, Parents

“Every day has a beginning and every day has an end; what happens in between is learning.”

With these words at the August 17 orientation, Vice President of Campus Life & Dean of Student Affairs, Byron Bullock, told new students to use every opportunity they get to learn something new every day. “If you seize every opportunity to learn something every day of your life, the many doors of success in this life will open for you.”

“Great Expectations” was the first talk that the entering students had with their new mentor.  Dean Bullock has been in the business of student development now for several decades, he told those just arriving at AUN.

“I expect you will always remember the lessons and the advice that your parents have given you… I expect that you will share with your parents your successes and your failures.  This is a partnership.  And they have a right to know what is happening with you, academically, while you are here… I expect that you will go to class every day, on time, prepared, and anxious to learn something new every day.”

The other great expectations enumerated by the dean included participation in social activities, community service, managing time wisely, abiding by the student Code of Conduct, taking advantage of all the resources available to them such as the 21st-century library resources, academic advisers, the Writing Center, Math Center, career and counseling services.

“I expect that you will graduate with your degree in your hand. Do not let your parents down, and, most importantly, don’t let yourself down.”

To the parents, the dean said, “I expect that you continue to support these young people as they embark on this journey. The children that you drop off today will not be the same who will return to you, not even at the end of this semester. We take their growth and development very seriously here, and are committed to their holistic development.”

The dean ended his presentation by telling the students what they should expect of him during their stay at AUN.

“You can expect that I will be an advocate for you each and every day you are here. You can expect that I will challenge you and bring out the best in you. You can expect that I will expose you to incredible opportunities to grow and develop.  You can expect that I will be there to celebrate on your success as you receive your degree at Commencement.”

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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