Seminar Prepares Faculty, Support Staff for Second Year of Law Program

A seminar to prepare faculty and staff for the second and critical year of AUN’s law program has been concluded.

Facilitated by the Academic Advising and Retention Unit, the seminar, held on August 3, aimed at assisting faculty and staff  understand how to support law students.

Dean Oladejo Justus Olowu said the School of Law will continue to improve on its delivery of teaching as well as support for students.

Dean Olowu said every member of the School has a role in mentoring the students of the Law program through to success. “We are all working towards the same goal and the reason we are here is the students and their progress… Apart from teaching, apart from serving students, one big responsibility that everybody is involved in the academic sector is advising and retention.”

Professor Olowu expressed the School’s determination to help students succeed in the competitive program being created by AUN. “To have a dynamic force of support such that whoever a student meets, regardless of what your role is, you can at least guide the student to whom to speak with or what such a student needs to do.”

The Dean said students will notice an improvement in support that is provided to them upon their return this semester. “I want to believe that this semester/year will bring better results.  Our students are going to see that we have worked out modalities to make life and studies better for them.”

This academic year, AUN Law program enters its second year. The School is expanding since more faculty and staff members have joined the University to help deliver a world-class legal education.

He was announced that the office of the professional advisor will be housed in the School’s building. “Students on resumption will find out that right next to their classrooms, they have their advisor. What’s more? You have a problem with a faculty, you have the advisor’s office in-house.”

The academic course offerings are multiplying as well. “This is going to be a year of test case for us. Because this year we are rolling out so many of our courses for the first time, we are rolling out the CDV course for non-law students as well. So our capacity is going to be tested. How competent are we? How efficient are we?”

All staff members of the School of Law and new faculty members attended the seminar, which had Daniel Ugwuede as facilitator.

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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