Charter School Students ‘Recreate’ History

On May 5, at the Charter School’s annual Social Studies Fair, Grade VII student Salma Ali Ghazy modelled one of the best-known women in history: Cleopatra, a queen of Egypt famed for her beauty and intellect.

“I love Cleopatra because she has shown that a woman can rule as much as a man,” said Ghazy, while her father watched, beaming with pride.  “I am going to be the Minister of Education in my country, Egypt.  Any country with good education is strong.”

The Charter School students were tasked with picking a culture and personality of their choosing to bring to life.  As it turned out, they came up with an interesting assortment, including personalities such as Albert Einstein, Catherine the Great, Queen Elizabeth, Francisco Romero the bullfighter, and various gods--Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon.

The Charter School Administrator, Ms. Rose Clarkson, said such practical learning experiences open the minds of students to further exploration.  “It makes the students unrestricted in displaying their talents.”

Grade VI student dressed as Albert Einstein.  He said the German-born theoretical physicist inspires him, and that he finds his personality interesting.

“I am blown away by the students’ presentations,” said Hafiz Michika, an AUN student who was among the spectators.  “If they can start from this point to memorize history, they are bound to do greater things.”

By Nelly Ating

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