Centralized for easy accessibility, whether from class, residence hall or library, the AUN cafeteria serves a variety of dishes to satisfy both Nigerian and international students and faculty as well. Operated by the West African Catering Ltd, the cafeteria is exclusively equipped with state-of-the art facilities to ensure healthy and quality food services. The university ensures that appropriate quality control measures are constantly in place to ensure that food served meets approved standards.

The experienced chefs and smiling staff are ever willing to quench your hunger with various meals. Need breakfast? It begins at 7:00am through 9:00am on weekdays and 10:00am during weekends. Lunch starts at 11:00am and lasts through 2:00pm while dinner begins at 5:00pm until 8:00pm. Missed all of this? You can catch up with the late night dinner which begins at 9:00pm through the night until 5:00am.

The Coffee shop - also located within the cafeteria – serves snacks and various drinks to compliment the main cafeteria.