Gabriele Volpi Residence

Gabriele Volpi (Male Residence Hall) is located at the central base of the main campus. The hall is close to both the school cafeteria and class. The hall is the largest male Residence Hall on campus. It has three floors with a capacity of 162 Residents. The hall is supervised or monitored by three Resident Directors and three Resident Assistant who are charged with the responsibility of protecting, guiding, instilling discipline and assisting Residents living in the residence Hall.

Gabriele Volpi is so far the best Residence Hall in terms of facilities, social events, community service, sports, and lots of other extracurricular. It is the most competitive Residence Hall on campus . In Gabriele Volpi, we have three different types of rooms, they includes two with facilities, three without facilities and two without facilities. Those without facilities have their general toilet at the extreme end on each floor.

When you are enrolled in AUN, let your choice of Residence HallĀ  be Gabriele Volpi