Yolde Pate District Head Commends AUN

The Yolde Pate District Head, Mallam Ardo Jingi, has praised AUN for its on-going community concern in appreciation of the AUN students and staff members who came to continue the painting and rehabilitation of the community’s clinic on Friday, September 6.

Wishing AUN well, Mallam Jingi told the Director of Community Service, Mohamadou Dabo, that the work of the institution to develop the community in the areas of healthcare, literacy and hygiene was well appreciated by the community.

The exercise, which lasted over two hours, helped complete another phase of the Community Service office plan to improve the look of the clinic. The first phase was on August 23 during the Fall orientation week.
According to Dabo, "Our plan had to be expanded when we got here and discovered there were bigger problems. Apart from the need for painting, the doors and windows of the maternity room were all bad, so we will fix the building, do the painting, the flooring, and the ceiling."

Head of the clinic, Hadiza Suleiman, said the gesture by AUN was highly commendable. Looking at the new cream color as it replaced the old, "This color is so nice," she said. She praised the AUN management for the support, and called on other organizations to emulate the gesture.

Abo Atabo, a student who participated actively in the clinic makeover, said, "This is the second time I'll be coming here. We first painted the inside; now we are painting the outside after sweeping the place and taking out the cobwebs...it's very interesting."

Chikaodili Chukwuneke said this experience was an opportunity to give back to society. "If the society does not give you the serene environment you need to study, you won't be able to study, so this was an opportunity to give back, and to also help those who are not as privileged."