Charity Never Ends

More students are participating in the community service initiatives of AUN as they have begun to create their own projects with the aim of giving something back to the society.

Of their own goodwill, female Resident Assistant from Hall DD, Yasmin Ahmed, and Toyibat Olonade, a resident, have put together a charity fundraiser (on Tuesday, Sept. 10). There are 75 occupants in the hall.

Both students are setting up a scholarship fund to help less-privileged children in Adamawa State. “We don’t know exactly where to start, but our plan is to use this money to help children who either can’t afford to pay their tuition or pay for their Senior Secondary Certificate examinations,” said Ms. Ahmed.

Items for sale included floor mats, coffee, cups, plates, silverware, mugs, air fresheners, T-shirts, cookies,  hand towels, calorie-free sweeteners, lemon tea, packaged shredded meat (dambun nama), chocolate, eggs, waste bins, and handkerchiefs, among other utility articles.

"We've all participated in community service over the last few years. We wanted to do more. Even if we don't make much money today, we will inspire others to do their part," said Ms. Olonade. "Some students didn't buy any items... they just donated money."

Hall DD representative Fatima Umar donated some of the items, along with Kuna Isa and Shafa’at Muhammad, hall residents.