Ailing Community Clinic Wears New Look

The third weekly community service outreach at Yolde Pate Health Clinic in Yola continued on Friday, September 20, with students completing the paint job at the old clinic building.

Head of the clinic, Hadiza Suleiman, who supervised the work, said she was "very satisfied" with the commitment and drive of the students toward the new-look clinic.

She commended AUN for the outreach to communities like Yolde Pate, and looked forward to the completion of repairs at the labor room right across the main clinic building.

"We are not done here yet," said Mohamadou Dabo, the Director of Community Service. "We still have a lot to do on the smaller building (labor room)." The labor room is a 30-year-old structure in need of repairs. The floors need to be reworked; ceilings and windows need to be replaced as well.

Mr. Dabo said AUN will help to give the place a new look. "It's going to take us maybe three more weeks to finish this, but then make it the most beautiful clinic in Yola South local government." Ms. Suleiman beamed with a smile as he spoke.

A student with a strong passion for work at the clinic was Halima Usman, a first-year student of Computer Science. She shared her community-service experience. "I find community service really nice because I like helping out, and getting involved with activities like this; so I feel it's really good since it trains us to help society."

Another student who was busy painting the rear of the clinic was Shamsudeen Lawal. He said AUN has impacted the lives of its students using the outreach. "What AUN is doing with community service engagement is really good and it's improving us as students."