Academic Performance and Standing

Academic Integrity Code

The central commitment of AUN is to develop thoughtful and responsible human beings with the highest moral and ethical standards, within the context of a very diverse yet collaborative academic environment. This commitment is founded on the following core values of the University: Tolerance and understanding among national, ethnic, and religious groups; Freedom of Expression; Non-discrimination in the admission and employment processes with regard to gender, age, religion, nationality, ethnicity, physical ability, political affiliation, or personal relationships. Excellence and integrity are the core principles that guide us.
This Academic Integrity Code is designed to benefit and assist the AUN community in forming the highest standards of ethics and morals among its members. It is designed to foster the University's commitment to excellence and equality, while affirming the shared values that make community life possible. Students with alleged violations of the Academic Integrity Code should contact the Office of the Dean of their respective program to receive further information on disciplinary procedures (See Appendix B for the full text of the Academic Integrity Code).

Academic Performance Policy

An undergraduate student who fails to maintain the academic average required by the University and/or fails to make satisfactory academic progress towards completion of degree requirements is subject to academic warning, probation, restriction, suspension and/or dismissal.  All students of AUN are required to meet baseline academic standards in order to continue with their studies. The minimum satisfactory standard of achievement is a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.0.
Regulations regarding academic warning, probation, restriction, suspension, and dismissal are designed to provide close supervision of the academic progress of AUN students. At the end of each semester, student records will be reviewed and sanctions will be imposed. A change in students' academic status can occur following any term when the student's cumulative or term GPA falls below a 2.0. Students under academic sanction are subject to restrictions with respect to academic and extracurricular activities, as determined by the Director of Academic Advising in consultation with the Dean of their school and the Academic Vice President.
Each student's transcript will be evaluated at the end of the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Students liable for academic sanction will receive written notification via their AUN e-mail address and the notice will stipulate the terms of the sanction. Parents/Guardians of students who have signed the release form will also be notified of the actions imposed on their student.
The following are academic standings / designations that can be imposed:

Academic Warning

Academic Warning is a cautionary action taken to alert students that their CGPA is nearing the baseline academic standard permitted at the University. Students with a CGPA between 2.0-2.25 or students with
a term GPA lower than 2.0 will receive a written warning via AUN email encouraging them to seek tutoring or additional academic support. The standing Academic Warning will appear on the transcript for that semester.
Academic Probation
Academic Probation is assigned when a student does not achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (i.e. 1.99 or below). Students placed on Probation who fail to raise their cumulative GPA above 2.0 in the next semester they are enrolled are at risk of academic restriction. The standing Academic Probation will appear on the transcript for that semester.
Academic Restriction
Academic Restriction is designed to reduce the credit load of students in academic peril. When a student's CGPA and term GPA is lower than 2.0 after having been on Academic Probation the previous semester, the student's course registration can be limited to no more than twelve (12) credits in the Fall and Spring semesters and no more than four (4) credits in the Summer sessions to ensure that the student has ample time and energy to devote to courses that s/he is enrolled. The standing Academic Restriction will appear on the transcript for that semester.
Academic restriction(s) may be imposed in other deserving cases, as recommended by the relevant Dean or the Academic Vice President/Provost.
Academic Suspension
Academic Suspension is a sanction imposed when a student, previously on academic restriction, earns a CGPA below 2.0 in the subsequent semester. Academic Suspension students may be barred from enrolling in any credit bearing courses at the University for a specified period as set forth in a suspension notice or the student's subsequent course registration may be limited to a certain number of credits if approved.
Academic Suspension students wishing to register must request to have their academic record reviewed by the Director of Academic Advising for determination of their eligibility to re-enroll.  Suspension students may be subject to Performance Evaluations. The standing Academic Suspension will appear on the transcript for that semester.
Academic Suspension may be imposed in other deserving cases, as recommended by the relevant Dean or the Academic Vice President/Provost.
At any point, the Academic Vice President/Provost and/or Dean of Students reserves the right to dismiss a student from classes and/or the University for non-disciplinary reasons if such action is deemed in the best interest of the student and/or the University. A student who is dismissed may petition for readmission after a full calendar year from the date of dismissal.  The standing Academic Dismissal will appear on the transcript for that semester.

Academic Dismissal
Academic Dismissal may be imposed when a student, previously on academic suspension, earns a CGPA below 2.0 in the subsequent semester.
This policy does not preclude authorized exceptions, such as participation in the Foundation Program. All such exceptions shall require approval of the Provost in consultation with the relevant Dean(s).  

Appeal of Academic Suspension or Dismissal

A student may appeal a suspension or dismissal due to poor academic performance.  There are only two grounds for appeal:
1)   Miscalculation of the GPA or CGPA
2)   Extenuating circumstances
In the case of miscalculation of the GPA or CGPA, the student must be able to demonstrate that the grade average was incorrectly calculated and should be sufficiently higher as to remove the student from the circumstances that led to the suspension or dismissal.  In the case of extenuating circumstances, the student must be able to demonstrate that he/she encountered unusual circumstances during the previous semester that caused a poor academic performances and he/she is sufficiently capable academically to clearly perform at an academic level in the subsequent semester to meet the requirements for satisfactory academic performance.
The process for appeal of suspension or dismissal requires that the student submit a formal letter of appeal to the Director of Academic Advising requesting a review by the Academic Review Committee stating clearly the reasons for the appeal.  Any supporting information should be attached.  The letter should be sent to Director of Academic Advising via e-mail and must be received no later than ten calendar days after the notification of suspension or dismissal has been sent to the student electronically via their AUN e-mail address.  Notification of the verdict will be sent to the student via e-mail when the Academic Review Committee renders a final decision, within 10-15 business days of the receipt of the appeal. Submission of an appeal does not guarantee a favorable review. All records of appeal will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar to be included in the student's record.

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