We try to make applying to AUN as flexible and straightforward as possible.

For any queries about the application process, please contact the Admission Team:

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The American University of Nigeria places great emphasis on excellence. Just as it strives to build the finest academic programs in Africa, it also strives to admit the very best students from Nigeria, West Africa and around the world. Accordingly, admissions are selective and candidates are admitted solely based on their academic qualifications.

To find out more, see the information below:

  • Africa’s premier development university
  • America-style education
  • Vibrant campus and student life
  • Educated to become Nigeria’s and Africa‘s future leaders
  • Center of academic excellence
  • Exchange programs
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • School at home, study abroad
  • Leader in IT and business innovation
  • Career advising and job support

You can choose from 16 majors that lead to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A), or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), or the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree.
You will also find a broad selection of Minors and a variety of concentrations that allows you earn a broad-based degree.

Majors and Minors
As in all universities, each student is expected to specialize in a particular subject matter. In the American system, such specialties are called “majors.” All students will graduate with a particular major.

Some students also want to learn about another field of study in some depth, but not as their primary focus. In the American system, such sub-specialties are called “minors.” Thus, for example, one could major in Economics and minor in Journalism, or some other combination of studies.


General Education

Unlike universities in many other countries, in addition to studying a specialty such as "Petroleum Chemistry" or "Marketing" or "English Literature,” American universities all have programs in "General Education."  That means students study more broadly--they learn ideas from other specialties.  They learn ethics, and history, and culture, and literature, and science. 

We call it a "well-rounded" education.  We are training not just specialists, but citizens. 

A visiting student is one who is enrolled at another institution, either in Nigeria or abroad, and who seeks to enroll at AUN not to earn an AUN degree. Students in this category are not formally admitted to AUN.

To apply as a visiting student, the student submits a visiting student application, an official transcript or other formal record of the student's post-secondary work and a letter from the student's home institution confirming that the student is in good standing.

Download visiting student application form (pdf - 54Kb)

Non-native speakers of English who have not studied at institutions in which English is the language of instruction must provide TOEFL scores.


Undergraduate students at American University of Nigeria (AUN) come from different countries of the world. Students are accepted either for fresh enrollment or on transfer from any part of the world. For admission into all Undergraduate Programs at AUN, interested applicants should complete the online application form or send a filled hard copy application via email: International applicants are required to submit the following documents online before arriving the AUN Campus.  

Required Application Documents:
•    End of High/Secondary School External Examination Grades; IGCSE, SSCE or the equivalent.
•    Copies of applicant’s High/Secondary School transcripts for the last three years. Transfer applicants need to submit undergraduate transcripts and course description.
•    A Letter of Recommendation/Attestation from the high/secondary school attended
•    A Personal Statement (Essay) about why the applicant chose AUN and what his/her future ambitions are
•    A photocopy of ID card, Valid Passport & appropriate Visa for International students (picture page)
•    Four personal Passport Photographs.

Travel & Residency Requirements
Prospective enrollees MUST fulfill the following requirements before embarking on any study travel to American University of Nigeria in Yola:
1.    Possess a valid national passport of their home countries;
2.    Secure valid travel visas that transcend the duration of their study period in Nigeria;
3.    On arrival at AUN, both travel documents must be presented and surrendered to the Office of the Provost at AUN or his designated representative;
4.    Potential enrollees with passports and visas that have less than six months to expire must present evidence that such documents can be renewed automatically without interrupting their study period;
5.    Such evidence must include but not limited to written commitments from the embassies of their home countries in Nigeria.
6.    Prospective students are encouraged to reside on campus as adequate hostel accommodation is available and will be allocated on completion of housing fee payment.
7.    Advanced booking for housing can be made with the Bursar at

Admission Processing
•    An AUN Admission Committee will review completed applications only.
•    Applicants are advised to retain original copies of their academic documents for future use, as AUN does not return any of the submitted documents once registration is completed.
•    Candidates are also advised to keep copies of their travel documents before surrendering them to AUN upon enrollment.

Students who have successfully completed college/university level coursework prior to their acceptance to AUN should submit official transcripts with their application.

Transfer credits are evaluated by the Registrar's Office, in consultation with the appropriate Deans prior to AUN enrollment.
Grades earned in courses accepted for transfer will not be included in the GPA of the student at AUN. However, the credits earned will be counted towards the total number required for graduation and only courses where students earned a grade of 'C-' or higher will be considered for transfer to AUN.

A maximum of 60 credit hours from accredited institutions of higher learning may be accepted and used to satisfy major and general education requirements.
All students who have completed 2 years or more or have completed 60 transferable credit hours and above from an accredited university with a CGPA of 2.0/4.0 or higher OR 2.5/5.0 or higher will be admitted without having to present the University with any high school or examination documentation.

Students who do not meet the above-mentioned criteria must apply with their high school credentials.
AUN reserves the right to deny credit for any courses taken at other institutions for any reason. Courses taken more than 10 years prior to acceptance will require additional review.

Only those courses that are comparable to AUN courses in content and rigor may be approved for transfer.
For students transferring credits from a university on a quarter system, may receive 2/3 of an AUN credit hour for each quarter hour earned. For example, four quarter hours from a transfer institution equals 2.67 credit hours at AUN. AUN may allow a maximum of 12 credits to transfer that are recorded on a pass/fail basis.

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