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The 2018 Rainy Season FAO Beneficiaries Input Collection

The 2018 Rainy Season FAO beneficiaries input collection

The 2018 Rainy Season FAO beneficiaries input collection has stages of verification for the beneficiaries to be able to collect their inputs.

The project is aimed at Restoring Agricultural Livelihoods of IDPs,  Returnees and Vulnerable Host Families in North East Nigeria project, FAO in collaboration with American University of Nigeria is reaching  out to these farmers with farm input to support in the rainy season farming.

They have to pass through stages for them to be qualified to receive these inputs. We introduced this as a security measure to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the distribution process

The stages are;

Verification stage: A stage where we check name, phone number and age of a beneficiary to thumb print and go to the next stage which is punching of cards.
Punching of cards: Beneficiaries are arranged to have their cards punched.
Collection stage: Once the cards have been punched, they proceed to the collection center for collection of their inputs.
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