Undergraduate Programs

You can choose from 16 majors that lead to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A), or Bachelor of Science  (B.Sc), or the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree.

You will also find a broad selection of Minors and a variety of concentrations that allows you earn a broad-based degree.

Majors And Minors

As in all universities, each student is expected to specialize in a particular subject matter. In the American system, such specialities are called “majors.” All students will graduate with a particular major. Some students also want to learn about another field of study in some depth, but not as their primary focus. In the American system, such sub-specialities are called “minors.” Thus, for example, one could major in Economics and minor in Journalism, or some other combination of studies.

General Education

Unlike universities in many other countries, in addition to studying a specialty such as "Petroleum Chemistry" or "Marketing" or "English Literature,” American universities all have programs in "General Education."  That means students study more broadly--they learn ideas from other specialties.  They learn ethics, and history, and culture, and literature, and science.  We call it a "well-rounded" education.  We are training not just specialists, but citizens.  
Some courses are required of all students, and some are courses that students get to choose for themselves:  electives.  Students (with the help of their academic advisors) get to choose which course in science--for example--is most interesting and helpful.  Even "majors" and "minors"allow students to make some individual choices within the specialty.

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