ICT 604: Enterprise Database Management

This course will reveal the fundamentals of database technology and database management systems. It will cover a wide range of topics including: uses of databases, database architectures, design, real world implementations, security topics, integrity issues, SQL, performance concepts, and storage issues. The emphasis of the course will be on practical applied database technology for enterprise systems. Course will cover logical and physical database design, query languages, and database programming, and will examine commercial systems. The course will also focus on technologies and industry standards for accessing and manipulating persistent data that are suitable for web enterprise application systems.

Course Description

On successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

To understand the fundamental concepts of relational database management systems; Understand how to design a database using data models; Understand the real world tradeoffs between normalization and de-normalization and to understand the concepts of performance tuning; Learn SQL functionality and be familiar with the available interfaces to the DBMS and the main components of the DBMS architecture with the aim of applying these in an enterprise environment; Prepare students to be confident working with database technology and centralized relational database systems. Students will develop practical skills in building and maintaining realistic medium-scale database systems.