TEL 604: Real time DSP for Wireless communications

This module provides the students with the confidence and capability to successfully map DSP algorithms used in wireless communication systems to an advanced DSP system. Students will first learn the principle of real-time DSP especially the issues related to analogue signal sampling, digital representation, digitization effects on analogue signals and real-time processing constraints. Subsequently, students will learn the latest and advanced Texas Instrument (TI) TMS320C6000 DSP family, in particular, TMS320C6416T. Issues related to the processor architecture, its peripherals and operation, software development tools and real-time DSP programming will be covered. Students will be able to design real time embedded systems for wireless communications using different design methodologies and advanced arithmetic techniques suitable for DSP implementation. A range of DSP algorithms for wireless communication applications will be studied and analyzed for example, digital filter (FIR), adaptive filter, modulation techniques (PAM, PSK, QAM), phase-lock loop (costas-loop), FFT, CDMA, spectrum analysis etc.

Course Description