AUN Academy Leads the Way

With student-driven learning and an emphasis on critical thinking, the AUN Academy, comprising secondary and elementary arms, has set the standard for private primary and secondary education in Adamawa State and Nigeria. The Academy, which is a fundamental component of the University community, has graduated more than 300 secondary students since it opened its doors in 2002.

About 270 students are currently enrolled in the International Program (the British model) and 160 in the American Program (K-12).  At the Academy, students can begin pre-school at the age of two and move on to primary and secondary schools.

Similar to a typical American K-12 school, the curriculum includes English and language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and physical education. Students also take classes in information technology training, French, music, art, and home economics.

“We provide our graduates with an outstanding academic background, teach them how to be wonderful Nigerians and global citizens, and how to compete in the world,” explained Krista McKee, Vice President of AUN Schools and Educational Programs.

In addition to the core courses offered, AUN Academy students in the International Program receive training in agriculture, accounting, commerce, Islamic and Christian studies, economics, trade and entrepreneurship, and foods and nutrition. The campus has sporting facilities that include soccer fields, a basketball court, and the community hall for indoor sports, among other activities. Students also have opportunities to be a part of the debate club, music club, art and creativity club, and press club.