Jatropha Project

Another project launched at the beginning of 2013 by Dr Reith and the STARS student club members is the Jatropha - Biodiesel project.

Jatropha is a hardy tree shrub capable of growing in unfertile soils, as well as being able to capture atmospheric carbon, one of the main green-house gases that cause global warming. Its potential to be used as biofuel, herbal remedy, fencing, raw materials for the soap industry and carbon sequestration, make it especially interesting for the Sustainability team, as it may solve some pressing environmental challenges facing then community.
Currently, there is a 700m2 area of land being used for Jatropha research within the school premises under the supervision of our Farm Manager, Rotimi Ogundijo.

The Sustainability office reaches out to nearby communities, such as the village of Bole in the Yola South Local Government area, and planted Jatropha on their land. The hope is to reach out to more communities in the future, to sensitize, extend and provide technical support on setting up a Jatropha plantation.

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