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The American University of Nigeria was founded in response to the need for a world-class university in sub-Saharan Africa.

The goal of AUN is to train the future leaders of Africa and to serve as both a stimulus and agent of economic development throughout the region.
To that end, all students, regardless of academic specialization, will receive high-level training in information technology, entrepreneurship and in arts and sciences, all of which are the key to future sustainable development. AUN is committed to providing the skills and the leadership essential to advancing the continent's pressing social and economic challenges.

The University is located in the city of Yola, capital of Adamawa, one of Nigeria's 36 states. The campus, which occupies nearly 1000 hectares, is a serene mixture of desert and farmland.  Adamawa, one of the six states in northeast Nigeria, shares the longest borderline with Cameroon Republic. Yola is accessible by road and air with daily flights from the Yola Airport connect through Abuja to regional, national and international locations.
The campus is attractive, modern, and new.  The main campus comprises 11 new buildings including eight dormitories, a spacious cafeteria, classroom, commencement hall and office buildings and a general-purpose block. A new library is under construction and a student activity center in the planning stages. The North Campus, located across the street from main campus, provides dedicated space and buildings that include dormitories, athletic facilities, the finance office and public relations. All buildings are fully air-conditioned with modern facilities. The entire campus has wireless internet and dorms are provided with cable television in common rooms.
AUN works diligently to ensure the safety of its students, staff and faculty. The work of the Safety Unit monitors the fire prevention efforts – including the campus fire alarm system, maintenance of extinguishers, overseeing regular fire drills and the fire response team (2 fire engines and 10 crew members). The unit is complemented by the AUN clinic, which is fully staffed by medical professionals and equipped with two ambulances. Health services are available to students 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
AUN has a formal Environmental Unit responsible for campus wide trash collection, cleaning and 100% recycling of all waste produced by the institution. The AUN recycling center manufactures handcrafts and eco bricks from all plastic and glass waste and compost from all paper and organic waste. The Sustainability Team oversees the efficient use of resources.

AUN also has several other auxiliary facilities around the campus. These include a modern Hotel, a University Club, an ICT Center, and a Printing Press.

The University recently opened an Agricultural Entrepreneurship School on a local farmstead near the campus.

American University of Nigeria
98 Lamido Zubairu Way
Yola Township bypass
PMB 2250, Yola
Adamawa State, Nigeria

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